About Us

Our communities increasing awareness of how processing, along with food mileage, can impact the nutritional value of our food, has meant an increase in demand for locally sourced produce. The increase in Farmers markets and the like are testimony to this. This modern trend towards the old fashioned practise of connecting with where our food comes from got us thinking, so we decided to offer our community a chance to buy Real Milk direct from the farmer. Farm fresh real milk is a little bit of old fashioned goodness, with a modern twist.

We searched carefully for the right location to establish our Real Milk farm. We handpicked a small herd of cows. We purpose-built an eight-aside milking shed, with our milk shop attached. We imported a milk dispensing machine from Italy, to keep your milk cold, and to make your purchase as simple as possible.

We have done all of this so you can have daily access to the freshest milk in the Bay. We've gone the extra country mile, so your food doesn't have to.

Walnut Tree Farm is a member of Raw Milk Producers Association NZ