How long does it stay fresh?
About 7 days if kept refrigerated, but we know you won't be able to resist drinking it for that long- lucky for you, we're open 7 days, so no need to panic if someone has guzzled the last of the delicious Real Milk!

Is Walnut Tree Farm Organic?
Walnut Tree Farm is not certified, but follows organic principles. Our cows are pasture feed year round, and silage is provided in winter if needed.

What is raw milk?
Raw milk, also known as "Real Milk", is milk that is unprocessed in anyway. No pasteurisation or homogenisation or additives. But packed with nutrition and natural delicious flavour!

What is pasteurisation?
The Pasteurisation process involves heating the milk to a high temperature, followed by rapidly cooling it. Pasteurising does kill any harmful bacteria that may be present but it also destroys enzymes (including the one needed for utilising calcium), it diminishes vitamin content, denatures milk proteins, destroys vitamin B12 and B6, and kills beneficial bacteria. A by-product of killing these beneficial bacteria through pasteurisation is the formation of histamines. This may be one reason why so many people who have intolerance for pasteurised milk, find they are able to drink raw milk.

What is homogenisation?
Homogenisation is a process that forces whole milk through tiny holes at very high pressure, forcing the fat globules to reduce in size. This means they disperse evenly through the milk and the cream will no longer rise to the top. This process also alters the colour, flavour and some suggest the nutritional status of the milk.

How is raw milk different from supermarket milk?
Generally supermarket milk is collected in tankers from a large number of farms. The milk is then taken to a factory and added to all the other collected milk. The milk is then pasteurised and homogenised. The milk undergoes further processing depending on whether it's semi-skimmed or trim etc. and in some products additional proteins or permeate, nutrients and Vitamins, such as calcium may then be added back in.

Is raw milk safe to drink?
We believe it is and our family does drink it. And just as with all food and drink products, there are factors to be considered. We recommend doing some research into the benefits and risks of drinking raw milk before deciding if it's right for you. The following links may be helpful and contain more information on drinking raw milk.